Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pushing the Boundaries With Digital Art

"Magnolia Gray II" © Marsha Tudor

With technology evolving the way it has been for the last ten years and the presence of ever more image editing programs and software for artists, digital art has become an ever-growing new field of creativity. It has become steadily easier (and more affordable) to create art on your computer – either from scratch, or by combining and modifying photographs. The possibilities are endless.

OC Designer Source is so excited about all of the beautiful digital art that several of our artists have created. Each person has their own individual methods for creating and designing their work, and their own unique perspective – which means that we get so many fantastic subjects and styles to choose from!

These first pieces are created by Marsha Tudor, via the method of Scannography. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it basically means that rather than starting with images from a camera, she begins by taking images of flowers and other botanical subjects with her scanner – how cool is that!? She then goes beyond just the high-resolution image taken from the scanner and modifies it, changing colors, adding texture and so on, to create a unique mood and style.

"Alstroemeria Fresco" © Marsha Tudor

"Calla Containment" © Marsha Tudor

"Fuji Persimmons" © Marsha Tudor

These next images were created by the talented Jerry Solomon --  a photographer who alters many of his works to create fabulous abstract images with vibrant colors, eccentric textures, and sometimes geometric patterns. Aren’t these just wild!?

"Another Side of Midnight" © Jerry Solomon

"Facets" © Jerry Solomon

"Spot On" © Jerry Solomon

Next up we have Travis Dixon, an incredibly talented digital painter who creates entire cityscapes, landscapes, and even fantasy-scapes with only his computer. He paints the entire image from scratch and uses a variety of layers and effects to create stunning, highly realistic digital paintings!

"Paris" © Travis Dixon

"Relaxin" © Travis Dixon

"Italy Monastary 2" © Travis Dixon

"Trystopia" © Travis Dixon

These next few images are mine (Tien Frogget.) I am a photographer but I often take my images and push them beyond the boundaries of what the eye sees in order to create something new. In some cases, I will overlay two or more images together, and add textures and colors and sometimes tie it all together with text. I experiment with a lot of different styles, but here are a few of my favorites.

"Beauty" © Tien Frogget

"Berries & Wrought Iron" © Tien Frogget

"No Limits" © Tien Frogget

These next images are gorgeous digital art pieces by photographer Tim Griffithe. Using various layers and filters in Photoshop, he will frequently take his photos to the next level by adding brighter colors and more dimension to his images. In some cases, he will push it even further by blurring the lines between photo and painting, and you have to really look at it to decide which it is.

"Building Montage" © Tom Griffithe

"Gone Silent" © Tom Griffithe

"Vice City" © Tom Griffithe

"Kelp Palette" © Tom Griffithe

Bill Ladson is another talented digital artist that we represent who creates beautiful 3-D geometric renderings as well as incredible fantasy-scapes that stretch your imagination and make you hungry for more.

"Spherical" © Bill Ladson

"In Viri Petram" © Bill Ladson

And last but definitely not least, take a look at these gorgeous abstract pieces by Tom Druin! Isn’t his work so vibrant and textured? He takes abstract photographs and adjusts them with his computer to create these amazing works of art. They make you lose yourself in them, wondering what they might be.

"Weathered" © Tom Druin

"Tango" Tom Druin

"Cross 2 Bear" © Tom Druin

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