Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ameriprise Office Design & Art Installation

We are so excited to show off photos from our latest project! Ameriprise is a client that we did an art installation for a couple of years ago. They recently moved to a new and much larger office. With significantly more space to work with, they decided they wanted to bring in all new furniture and more art, so they hired OC Designer Source to design the offices for them!

They wanted to blend a very Zen/Japanese Garden feel into their professional office d├ęcor and so we found just the right colors and materials to work with and paired it with the perfect artwork and everyone is so happy with the end result! The offices really do look amazing and we are so pleased that Ameriprise loved their new design.

Enjoy looking through these photos of each of the individual offices! The artist(s) for each piece are listed underneath the image.

This is the main lobby of the office...

Geometric Photography by Tien Frogget

Left: Fine Art by Elizabeth Khorey | Right: Photography by Tien Frogget

Left: Fine Art by Stephen Schubert | Right: Photography by Tien Frogget

This is the break room...

This is the meeting room...

Fine Art by Wendy Froshay

Office #1:

Fine Art by Wendy Froshay

Office #2:

Digital Art by Tien Frogget

Photography by Tien Frogget

Office #3:

Office #4:

Office #5:

Digital Art by Tien Frogget

Thanks for taking a look! If you're interested in having OC Designer Source redesign YOUR office or commercial space, or if you loved our art installation and you would like to purchase fine art and photography from us, please contact us.


Anonymous said...

Their offices look fantastic! And the art really adds a fine finish to the whole design.

Nice job!

Brynley said...

what is the name of the blue paint color you used? I really like the black brown and blues all tied together with trim, furniture and art work.

Michele Preston said...

Hi Brynley,

Thank you so much for your compliment. It is very hard to pick correct colors for any application, but with lots of experience over 20 years I really find it to be a lot of fun to step out and apply color for that extra punch. The color you are viewing is Dunn Edwards DE5774 Thundercloud. It is really important that you use it delicately and in proportion to its surroundings or it could overpower a space too. Good Luck!!