Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ameriprise Office Design & Art Installation

We are so excited to show off photos from our latest project! Ameriprise is a client that we did an art installation for a couple of years ago. They recently moved to a new and much larger office. With significantly more space to work with, they decided they wanted to bring in all new furniture and more art, so they hired OC Designer Source to design the offices for them!

They wanted to blend a very Zen/Japanese Garden feel into their professional office d├ęcor and so we found just the right colors and materials to work with and paired it with the perfect artwork and everyone is so happy with the end result! The offices really do look amazing and we are so pleased that Ameriprise loved their new design.

Enjoy looking through these photos of each of the individual offices! The artist(s) for each piece are listed underneath the image.

This is the main lobby of the office...

Geometric Photography by Tien Frogget

Left: Fine Art by Elizabeth Khorey | Right: Photography by Tien Frogget

Left: Fine Art by Stephen Schubert | Right: Photography by Tien Frogget

This is the break room...

This is the meeting room...

Fine Art by Wendy Froshay

Office #1:

Fine Art by Wendy Froshay

Office #2:

Digital Art by Tien Frogget

Photography by Tien Frogget

Office #3:

Office #4:

Office #5:

Digital Art by Tien Frogget

Thanks for taking a look! If you're interested in having OC Designer Source redesign YOUR office or commercial space, or if you loved our art installation and you would like to purchase fine art and photography from us, please contact us.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

News From OC Designer Source Artists

Exciting things are always happening for OC Designer Source artists! We’re so proud to represent such talented people and to help them realize their goals and dreams. Here is an update as to what’s been going on lately with some of our artists!

Jerry Solomon creates incredible abstract digital art with unique shapes and vibrant colors from photographs of textures such as glass. His work can now be found in a popular television show -- the piece below, “Bright Lights” was one of six pieces recently featured on this season of Hell’s Kitchen (premiered on March 12 on Fox.)

"Bright Lights" © Jerry Solomon

Lucia Gomez paints gorgeous metaphysical and spiritual art that centers around her life in Colombia. Her work is currently being featured in a Boston exhibition celebrating women artists, alongside Beverly Sky, Debra Olin, Elena Calderon Patino and Silvia Lopez Chavez. The exhibition runs from March 15 to April 20 and includes collage, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. The focus of the selected works is the meditations and inner strength of these women.

"Magic Forms 1145" © Lucia Gomez

Isaac D. Smith creates beautiful stained glass windows for a variety of interior design projects. His most recent work is a clear glass window for a door that is currently on display in Discount Doors in Vancouver, WA. It was also at the Portland Home Show in February.

© Isaac D. Smith

Wendy Froshay is a multitalented fine artist who teaches out of her private studio in Irvine, CA. Her classes sell out quickly and students vie for open slots on her waiting list every week. Her latest project is a new series of successful exclusive workshops called Color & Light. The series helps students to gain a better understating of how to mix colors in order to produce values, and using values in order to create better composed works.

"Windsor" © Wendy Froshay

Keep it up, OC Designer Source artists! You’re always up to exciting things and we love being able to bring you more exposure and opportunities.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Art of Emotion

"Catching the Breeze" © Steve Henderson

Sometimes I’ll be discussing art or photography with someone and they will laugh nervously and say something like, “oh, I don’t know much about art,” as if there is some vast cloud of art knowledge that one must be tapped into in order to appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of viewers can be intimidated by art because of those few people who have a lot of art knowledge and like to show it off. They talk about art like a sommelier would talk about wine, describing the process by which it was created and the details and nuances of each piece. In the presence of so much knowledge, it can sometimes be difficult to speak up when the only thing you know is whether you like the piece or not. You might not want to say much because you think people will laugh at your own lack of knowledge.

The funny thing about this is, art is exactly like wine, in that you honestly don’t need to know much about it to enjoy it – when you find something that fits your tastes, you know. You appreciate it because you like it, and that is all that matters.

"Fire" © Wendy Froshay
"Tommy" © Richard Harpum 

Think about one of your favorite pieces of art. (Better yet, if you can look at it right now, go ahead and let yourself get lost in it.) What is it about this particular piece of art that draws you in? What compels you to study it, to absorb it, to question the meaning behind it? What is it about this work that you like so much?

The odds are, it’s more than just a pretty picture. It’s not just the lines and shapes and colors – it’s the way they are arranged on the canvas in such a fashion that they cause a reaction in you. In fact, this piece of art makes you feel something. Sometimes as viewers, we are aware of what something makes us feel, especially if it is a strong feeling – love, passion, excitement, lust; pain sadness, anger, torment. But we are not always so aware of the subtler stirrings that take place just under the surface – peace, desire, concern, interest, wistfulness, mystery. It is often those quieter feelings that settle in and make us lose ourselves in a work of art, and the more we look, the more we feel.

"Horse Eye" © Tom Griffithe
"Frequency of a Hug" © Emelina Figueroa

Truly, many great works of art were created when the artist was feeling something very deeply, and was able to channel those emotions into their work. Take a look at some of the pieces in this post by OC Designer Source artists. What do you feel when you look at each of them? Which ones tug gently at your heartstrings – and which ones grab them and don’t let go?

Next time you are at an event or you are somewhere where you are looking at art, and you are feeling uncertain of your own knowledge, remember that art is all about emotion – and that’s all you need to know. If someone asks you what you think, just describe to them the way the piece makes you feel; what it evokes from you. That is the most important art knowledge you can ever have.

"No Limits" © Tien Frogget

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hilarious Pictures Of Why You Should Hire A Construction Designer

Although many of these pictures are hilarious and some even unbelievable, they are actual installations that have happened, and they are a prime example of why it is important to hire a construction designer on any job.

What is a construction designer, you might ask?

A construction designer is someone who has all of the certifications and knowledge as an interior designer and can create beautiful things, and at the same time also has a background in construction as well. This means that they have a deep fundamental and working knowledge of construction and restrictions, regulations and codes that must be followed for any type of project... unlike, it seems, the people who worked on these projects.

This is how they get you to do yoga every day.

For the multitaskers out there.

For you and your BFF -- the bromance urinals.

Now I see why they call it a throne.

"Hurry, they just left. Now go!!!"

It's okay, just sit sideways.

For the people with REALLY long arms!!!!!

Construction designers are educated professionals who add value to any project for safety, codes, ergonomics, productivity, beauty, and of course… logic and feasibility. These images are hilarious but you definitely wouldn’t want this to happen to you! is a team of construction designers that design for you with cutting edge technology and materials. We work with trade professionals to give you the highest quality results and provide exactly what you have in mind for your project.