Wednesday, December 12, 2012

OCDS Creates New Licensing Mock-Ups For Manufacturers

Ski goggle mock-up featuring the geometric photography of Tien Frogget.

OC Designer Source has recently been putting together product mock-ups for manufacturers featuring the work of our talented artists in order to drive sales in a new market!

We have been creating a wide variety of products, from apparel to home d├ęcor to gift items and the wide variety of sports equipment you see here. We are evaluating what types of products the art and photography of our talented artists would sell well on, and then creating mock-ups that show what those particular pieces would look like if manufactured on those products. We’ve been having a lot of fun being creative, and we’ve created a LOT of mock-ups!! What you see here is only the tip of the iceberg, and we are working on putting together more every week.

Ski mock-up featuring the abstract photography of Tom Druin.

OCDS is continually submitting these mock-ups to and communicating with quite a few manufacturers and licensing companies about working with them on an ongoing basis to provide high quality art for their products. Our goal is to become the major “go-to” company for these manufacturers for new art and to create yet another avenue for our artists to make money from their work.

Women's snowboarding pants mock-up featuring the geometric photography of Tien Frogget.

Men's snow jacket mock-up featuring the
abstract photography of Tom Druin.
Why is OCDS in the perfect position to do this?

  • We have our own in-house graphic design team that is always on top of current and future trends, and can create highly customized product mock-ups and designs just for your company that will reflect perfectly on your brand and style.
  • We have a massive online art library with over 5,000 images (and growing!) that manufacturers can go to in order to find and select high quality art to license for their products.
  • We work as a middleman between the manufacturer and artist, ensuring beforehand that all of our art is high quality and high resolution. We gather all of the needed information and material from them so that manufacturers don’t have to. They no longer need to sift and sort through endless submissions from artists, hoping that they will be professional and easy to work with, hoping that they will be able to provide the digital files that they need for production.
  • We all of the guesswork out of it for manufacturers – we understand printing, resolution and size, contracts, and the industry. We provide high quality art and make it incredibly easy for manufacturers to find exactly what they need without any extra work or hassle. We are professional and work with deadlines. No more contacting artists and waiting weeks for a response.
  • We strike deals that are lucrative for all parties involved. We make sure it is always a win for the artist and a win for the manufacturer. We are supporting artists to help them make a living from their talent and giving them more time to do what they are good at – create!
Women's snow boot mock-up featuring the geometric photography of Tien Frogget.

If you are a manufacturer looking for high quality art, and you would like us to create custom mock-ups for you to see what kind of art we have that would benefit your company, please contact us at

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