Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Little California Sunshine

Sunshine Spirit
By Tien Frogget

‘Tis the Season Again;
It’s that Time of the Year
For Merriment, Love, Giving,
And Warm Holiday Cheer.
Candles are Lit and
Green Trees are a’Glitter,
Food photos are posted
Across Facebook and Twitter.
Presents are Wrapped
Then Stacked to the Ceiling,
 And Everywhere People Have
That Bright, Festive Feeling.
Fireplaces are Filled
With a Fiery Hot Glow,
And Front Lawns are Blanketed
With Soft Fluffy Snow.
That is, Everywhere
Except Here, Orange County;
When Even in Winter
We Reap Sunshine’s Bounty,
And Us Californians
All Whine and Complain
When We’re Forced To Endure
A Few Days of Rain.
So This Year We’ve Decided
You Might Like Sunshine, Too --
We’ll Share What We Have
It’s Our Gift to You.
So When You Feel Low
And Need Some Sunlight,
Just Look In Your Heart;
It’ll All be All Right.
Just Do Me One Favor --
Don’t Hoard It All Away,
It Might Be the Thing
That Just Makes Someone’s Day.
For Sharing And Giving
Is the Number One Reason
We All Love the Spirit
Of The Holiday Season.
We Each Have Abundance
Of Something, You See
And If We Just Share It,
It Sets Us All Free.
Alone, Things Are Hard
Dreams Can Never Take Wing;
But You Know that Together
We Can Do Anything.

"Ride With Santa Claus" © Peter Trieber

Here at OC Designer Source we know that we couldn’t accomplish any of this without you! So we’re appreciating you this Holiday Season and sending lots of wonderful warm wishes your way. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year, as well!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Vibrant Digital Art of Jerry Solomon

"Altered Reality" © Jerry Solomon
Jerry Solomon creates colorful digital art that leaps out at you with its vibrant hues and complex geometric patterns, lines and shapes. Much of his work is abstracted, created from photographs of both organic and non-organic subjects and then digitally altered on his computer to create an entirely unique effect.

Solomon has always been an artist, and has painted with oils and acrylics for many years. Throughout his adult life, he often pursued a variety of creative endeavors, including being a sound engineer, a writer, a chef, as well as assembling food sculptures. In 2009, he published the book A Man’s Guide to Food as Foreplay.

"Black and Blues" © Jerry Solomon

"Distorted View" © Jerry Solomon
It was only about five years ago that Jerry started doing enhanced photo art. He is self taught, gathering more information and knowledge each time he experiments with the computer to create new effects, learning as he goes. He finds that it often helps to have a variety of eyes around him who all see things in their own way, and he likes that everyone has their own unique perspective. Creativity has been a major theme for him throughout his whole life, as he comes from a family of artists.

"Urban Sunrise 1" © Jerry Solomon
"Smooth as Glass" © Jerry Solomon
Each piece evolves on its own, beginning a certain way but always inevitably taking its own path until something completely new emerges. He loves that the creative process is always changing and evolving and each piece is brand new to him, a blank slate for him to create on. His biggest reward is seeing the final result when a piece is completed. Most of all, Jerry creates to see the reaction of others. He loves the expression on a person’s face when they first discover a new piece. It gives him insight into the effect that his work has on them and inspires him to create more.

“Every image is its own inspiration - a moment or object in life, a blending of the real and the digital, an infusion of the enhanced and the natural photograph creating a visual melding of luminous colors and printed on dynamic media - aluminum and transparencies, expressing a depth and range of color in any environment.” – Jerry Solomon

"Forward Motion" © Jerry Solomon

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

OCDS Creates New Licensing Mock-Ups For Manufacturers

Ski goggle mock-up featuring the geometric photography of Tien Frogget.

OC Designer Source has recently been putting together product mock-ups for manufacturers featuring the work of our talented artists in order to drive sales in a new market!

We have been creating a wide variety of products, from apparel to home d├ęcor to gift items and the wide variety of sports equipment you see here. We are evaluating what types of products the art and photography of our talented artists would sell well on, and then creating mock-ups that show what those particular pieces would look like if manufactured on those products. We’ve been having a lot of fun being creative, and we’ve created a LOT of mock-ups!! What you see here is only the tip of the iceberg, and we are working on putting together more every week.

Ski mock-up featuring the abstract photography of Tom Druin.

OCDS is continually submitting these mock-ups to and communicating with quite a few manufacturers and licensing companies about working with them on an ongoing basis to provide high quality art for their products. Our goal is to become the major “go-to” company for these manufacturers for new art and to create yet another avenue for our artists to make money from their work.

Women's snowboarding pants mock-up featuring the geometric photography of Tien Frogget.

Men's snow jacket mock-up featuring the
abstract photography of Tom Druin.
Why is OCDS in the perfect position to do this?

  • We have our own in-house graphic design team that is always on top of current and future trends, and can create highly customized product mock-ups and designs just for your company that will reflect perfectly on your brand and style.
  • We have a massive online art library with over 5,000 images (and growing!) that manufacturers can go to in order to find and select high quality art to license for their products.
  • We work as a middleman between the manufacturer and artist, ensuring beforehand that all of our art is high quality and high resolution. We gather all of the needed information and material from them so that manufacturers don’t have to. They no longer need to sift and sort through endless submissions from artists, hoping that they will be professional and easy to work with, hoping that they will be able to provide the digital files that they need for production.
  • We all of the guesswork out of it for manufacturers – we understand printing, resolution and size, contracts, and the industry. We provide high quality art and make it incredibly easy for manufacturers to find exactly what they need without any extra work or hassle. We are professional and work with deadlines. No more contacting artists and waiting weeks for a response.
  • We strike deals that are lucrative for all parties involved. We make sure it is always a win for the artist and a win for the manufacturer. We are supporting artists to help them make a living from their talent and giving them more time to do what they are good at – create!
Women's snow boot mock-up featuring the geometric photography of Tien Frogget.

If you are a manufacturer looking for high quality art, and you would like us to create custom mock-ups for you to see what kind of art we have that would benefit your company, please contact us at Michele@OCDesignerSource.com

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

OC Designer Source Teams Up With Homemade

OC Designer Source is pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Homemade Design Corporation (HMD), America’s leading online interior design firm!

Homemade provides thousands of clients all across America with affordable fixed fee per room interior design consultation as well as access to exclusive interior designer discounts from popular retailers and trade sources. Clients from all over the country can hire an interior designer best friend (for an affordable fixed fee per room) and receive design advice in a convenient way that suits their hectic schedule and project -- including online email support and telephone appointments during normal business hours.  There is no hourly limit with HMD’s fixed fee per room services and the client can contact their designer for help pulling the room together with no hourly limits until they say their project is complete.

The HMD Story:

While working as a professional interior designer creating gorgeous interiors for millionaires and billionaires, Amanda Zettel was spending her off hours providing a slightly different type of design advice to friends and family.

“My girlfriends didn’t need full-service design consultation and project management at $250 an hour. What they needed was a design professional to help pull it all together. I’d help define their style, share sources, send fabric samples and nudge them in the right direction. When they fell in love with something I’d save them a ton using my designer discounts from trade sources.”

Following with this line of thinking, in 2006 she created one of the world’s first online interior design websites. By the summer of 2011 this interior designer with a history of consulting millionaires and billionaires began to refuse to visit clients in their homes, leaving in-home consultation behind in order to serve a new demographic of design clientele in an exciting new way. Today the Homemade Design Team consults thousands of households all across America virtually via telephone, email and through proprietary online tools as they provide an ultra-affordable interior design experience unlike any other in our industry.

HMD Teaming Up With OCDS:

Homemade and OC Designer Source compliment each other perfectly in the marketplace. Homemade Design has many online clients seeking to remodel, decorate and beautify their homes and OCDS has a network of extremely qualified service providers including contractors, painters, electricians, craftsmen, trade partners, and of course residential interior designers, as well as a separate art division. HMD will be promoting ODCS to their clients as part of their ongoing effort to be a resource for all types of local home remodeling, renovation and decorating needs.

The partnership will enable Homemade online design clients access to professional and reliable OC Designer Source members and will also enable these members to promote their products and services for free to Homemade clients and website visitors. HMD will also enable OCDS and its members to re-sell HMD online interior design services by offering promo codes for discounted HMD online design services. HMD will also make available (free of charge) some valuable business building tools and resources to OCDS and its members including the ability to gift free HMD interior design packages to customers, prospects and strategically to generate new business opportunities in the local marketplace.

Michele Preston, Owner of OC Designer Source, speaks to why this new partnership will be extremely beneficial to both companies as well as their clients:

“[OC Designer Source and Homemade Design Corporation] are like minded.  We have intent to help Homemade get more business here in California and support their customers that may need a little more help than just the package online. We help them discover resources that may be more in our expertise level, such as the builders and design centers or real estate people we know here in California that may benefit them. Michele Wiemann and I find this to be a great fit for not only their needs, but for our needs as well. We think their packages are brilliant and beautifully orchestrated, tasteful, and always helpful to the customer. We look forward to partnering with them.”