Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Facebook Profiles vs. Pages – What’s the difference?

I’ve noticed a lot of artists lately making the same mistake: they’ll say, “come check out my facebook page and ‘Like’ it!” and I click on the link they give me only to discover that they don’t have a facebook page at all – they have a facebook profile.

When I tell the artist this, they give me a blank look. “What’s the difference?” they ask.

Actually, there’s a big difference.

A facebook profile is a personal facebook profile. Profiles can only be viewed by people who are your friends; thus they are for personal use, not professional use. Yes, some people will use their profile as a professional page anyway, but I really don’t recommend doing this. Only a real person can have a facebook profile, in their name, and they can only have one of them.

A facebook page, on the other hand, can be about absolutely anything: a book, a movie, a writer, a musician, a company, or an artist. (That would be you.) A person with a facebook profile can make as many pages as they want about as many things as they want. There is no limit. Facebook pages are public and can be viewed by anyone.

If you are an artist, I don’t recommend using a profile. I recommend making a page for your work instead. Why?

First of all, you can’t ‘Like’ a facebook profile. You can only send a friend request and see their page if that person accepts your request. Anyone can ‘like’ a facebook page – including someone’s personal profile and even someone else’s facebook page. That’s right. Someone else’s artist page can like your artist page if they wanted to. And you can like their artist’s page. There are no requests needed – likes are automatically accepted. Then whatever that page posts will show up in your news feed as if they were your friend.

Are you seeing the benefit of this? You are allowing anyone to like your page, even if they are only doing it through their company facebook page or their artist facebook page. You are a lot more likely to trade likes with people. Also, your page will show up on their profile or page as something that they ‘like,’ which is more visibility for you in the long run. Not only that, facebook profiles have a 5,000 friend limit. Pages have no limit whatsoever.

The benefits of having a page for yourself as an artist far outweighs any benefits of doing it as a profile. So get a facebook page, and start telling people about it!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks.

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