Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What’s Hot In Art Right Now

Just like Interior Design always has those colors and styles that are “in” right now, Art and Fine Art for interiors are always trending, too. Right now, there are a lot of things that are very popular with both Interior Designers and Collectors.

1. Encaustics / Faux Encaustics / 3-D Textured Abstract Art

"Breeze" © Elizabeth Khorey [Encasutic]

"Timeless Grace" © Wendy Froshay [Textured 3-D Art]

Abstract Art has been “in” for a long time, but we’ve recently seen a great deal more interest in very specific genres of abstract art – specifically that which has texture and even objects embedded within the painting. The most popular style of this type of art is Encaustics --  a very old technique of layering beeswax, plaster, and organic objects together to create a piece. People love bringing that extra dimension into their space, as it integrates the art into the interior design more seamlessly.

2. Metallics

"Awake" © Terri Leo [Photography on Metallic]

"Sacred Bath" © Terri Leo [Photography on Metallic]

Regardless of whether it’s Art or Photography, all things metallic are definitely “in” right now. Printing both on directly on metal as well as on metallic paper is extremely popular and an elegant way to enhance the beauty of any piece. Photographers especially are loving the way the gorgeous metallic sheen highlights the colors of their work and collectors are ohh-ing and ahh-ing over the effect.

3. Landscapes

"On the Horizon" © Steve Henderson [Landscape Painting]

"San Gimignano Tuscany" © Richard Harpum [Landscape Painting]

Landscapes have always been popular, and I feel confident in saying that they will probably be “in” forever. This is because no one ever gets tired of breathtaking landscape art and photography. Our love of this beautiful world that we live in keeps us constantly inspired.

4. Digital Art / Stylized Photography

"Crystal Cove Boardwalk" © Tom Griffithe [Stylized Photography]

"No Limits" © Tien Frogget [Digital Art]

A fusion of photography and design, this style of art was created by photographers who wanted to take their work further and create something similar to a painting or unique piece of art, but in an entirely digital way. Using software instead of a paintbrush, they manipulated their photographs to create something entirely new. Collectors are loving these unique creations.

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