Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recent Artist Successes

We love the sound of success here at OC Designer Source and we like to celebrate when it happens! So many good things have been taking place over the last few months. Our artists have been having quite a bit of success both on their own and within our company and because there was just so much of it we decided it was time to blog about it.

First off, both original artwork and high quality prints of several of our artists were placed in art installations at the Yorba Linda Cancer Center and Brea Business Park by OC Designer Source. Congratulations again!

Wendy Froshay
Charaka Simoncelli
Steve Henderson
Tien Frogget
Tom Griffithe
Elizabeth Khorey
Marsha Tudor
Richard Harpum
Steven Schubert
Lucia Gòmez
Bonnie Kelso
Ricardo Vela
Peter Treiber

Next, several of our artists have been celebrating their own successes nationally and we wanted to show them off!

Lucia Gómez was featured at the Eagle Tribune on May 18 in an article about her new exhibition, "The Magic of Forms" at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence!

Wendy Froshay just sold her latest commission, “Boynton Canyon Spire” to Dr. James Handy in Irvine, CA. The piece is 35 x 50 oil on canvas:

Isaac Smith was accepted into International Contemporary Artists Vol. 4 which came our last week! 

He is also showing his work, both stained glass and oil painting in the Moscow Artwalk in Moscow, ID on June 15th.

Roberta London recently received Special Recognition awards for her entries in John Math's "Light Space & Time Competitions". She is also in a group show at the Artists Haven Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The show runs until the end of May.

Steve Henderson has a solo show at the Clymer Museum of Art, in Ellensburg, WA, featuring 2 dozen oil and watercolor landscapes and figurative paintings.

Earlier this year Steve was accepted into the “Core Artist” group at Mystic Seaport’s Maritime Art Museum in Mystic, CT. This is a huge honor at a prestigious institution, known for its highly competitive juried international maritime art exhibition.

This month Steve signed a contract with Art Licensing, one of the leading commercial licensing companies in the world, representing artists William Vanderdasson, Zhen Huan Lu, Jenny Newland, Pat Yuille, Nicky Boehme, and many more.

Congratulations to all of our artists, and keep up your amazing work! We are so pleased to represent all of you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Abstract Art of Lee A

"Beautiful" © Lee A
Lee A has an incredible ability to capture emotions on canvas and imbue them into her paintings. She might as well be mixing them into her colors with a palette knife, the way they overflow and seep through the pores of her brushstrokes, dripping down the canvas. It is the intensity of what that she feels when she paints that speaks to each viewer in their own language, transporting them into a unique world of emotion and holding them there tenderly like a lover.

Knowing that each person will interpret her work differently, Lee focuses on allowing the painting to tell her what it wants to become. By listening to the painting, her work moves gently back and forth between figurative, narrative, and abstraction, weaving a story for us that we must feel to understand. It is a story that is constantly changing and evolving every time we look at it. She knows that her story becomes the viewer’s story, and the magic where those two overlap is what makes art so special and personal.

Speaking of this relationship, she says, “What makes one piece of art from one artist unique or different from another is what the artist brings to the work and what the viewer who connects to the work brings. Once that connection is made, the work becomes unique. When I am creating, it’s a conversation between me and the canvas. When I am done, it’s a conversation between the canvas and the viewer.”

"Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" © Lee A

Lee first discovered her love for art at an early age. When she was a little girl, she would sit while her father painted at the dining room table, watching in wonder and amazement at the beautiful forms he created. She says, “seeing the way he pushed watercolors around with his brushes, with some tissue, and with a cut-up cotton rag -- dabbing the color out of a tiny puddle of blue and white just enough to mute all the color just right, making a sky you wanted to lay under as evening sets to night… oh, how I couldn’t wait to grow up and paint my own pictures, and let my imagination paint beyond even the horizons I could see!”

"Soul Mates II - Reunion" © Lee A
As the years passed, Lee painted often and continued to grow in her understanding of art. She attended California State University, Long Beach and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and painting. It was in college that she learned how important it was to understand that art is a conversation. She gained the skills and understanding to take what each canvas was saying to her, and interpret it in her own way. She says that in the end, though, the process is the best teacher that any artist can have. Life can be a bumpy, difficult road, and it is allowing herself to grow from those experiences and learn to be in the moment more often that inspires her to create.

Lee A’s work can be seen in group shows, solo shows, and galleries, and is coveted by many private collectors. She is OC Designer Source’s newest artist, and we are so excited to have her!

"The Kiss 2" © Lee A

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art licensing deals gone bad…

In an ideal world, the licensing industry would be a fair playing field where every business deal was a win for each person involved. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that simply don’t have the artist’s best intentions at heart.

Not only that, there are a lot of incredibly talented artists out there who have little to no experience in licensing and don’t realize this. They have stars in their eyes about making money from their art and are so excited that their submissions have been accepted that they don’t realize they need to protect themselves. Even experienced licensing veterans who don’t read the fine print can be taken in.

In situations like this, the licensing company makes you an offer that sounds fantastic, promising a certain percentage and asking for exclusivity in return. Yet you find out later that the percentage is really only a percentage of a percentage… it’s not fair that the person who created the art is making pennies for work they did and the licensing company thousands of dollars off of it. You go to the company, frustrated that this isn’t fair, and they point at the contract that you signed and say, “you made the agreement.”

Then there’s nothing you can do. You’ve lost the right to sell those pieces anywhere else and you’re not making very much off of them. All of your creativity, time, materials, and work that you put into your art… gone.

Yikes!!! No artist or photographer wants this to happen to them. It may sound like I’m painting some terribly grim picture for you and being dramatic, but this actually happens all the time.

If you don’t want it to happen to you, you’ll want to find ways to protect yourself. I don’t recommend ever giving exclusive rights of your work to anyone, unless they pay you an awfully large sum up front for them – and even then, that can get sticky. Even large corporations who sell nationwide have been known to ask for exclusivity and then offer peanuts in return. If they’re not going to be paying you really well for the pieces, don’t give exclusive rights up to them.

Always, always sit down and read the fine print of ANY contract you sign with a lawyer or someone who understands legal paperwork and contracts. And if the terms are unfair, negotiate so that they are a win/win situation. Be willing to walk away if they aren’t willing to work out something that is fair.

This is why it is incredibly valuable to have an agent. An agent is someone who has years of experience in the industry – they know what pitfalls to look for and will protect you from this ever happening to you. OC Designer Source cares very much about its artists and strives to connect artists with opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Installation at the Yorba Linda Cancer Center

OC Designer Source is pleased to announce another recent art installation – this one at the Yorba Linda Cancer Center in Placentia! It is one of the newest and most state-of-the-art radiation oncology facilities to treat cancer patients in Southern California, and has some of the most experienced and knowledgeable medical professionals in the region.

They asked us to come in and beautify their walls with original fine art, and we were thrilled to oblige! After the install was completed, several of the staff told us that they were very pleased with the art that we selected, and that it really brightened up the space they worked in every day.

The original artwork of several of our artists were featured in this art installation:

Wendy Froshay
Charaka Simoncelli
Steve Henderson
Elizabeth Khorey
Marsha Tudor
Lucia Gòmez
Bonnie Kelso

If you’re interested in having OC Designer Source do an art installation for your business, contact us!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photos from the Networking Event!

The CEU & Networking Event hosted by Porcelanosa and OC Designer Source last Thursday was a smash hit!! The large turnout of interior designers, architects, and builder industry professionals that attended earned CEU credits in some wonderful classes packed with professional expertise and a virtual gold mine of information.

Afterward, we all had the chance to sip our beer and wine and nibble on Spanish yummies while mingling with all of the fascinating people who share a love for this industry. The evening ended with a fun drawing (congratulations to the winners!) and several heartfelt thank-you’s from the Micheles. Wonderful new connections were made and everyone had a great time!

A great big huge THANK YOU goes out to Porcelanosa, who did an absolutely amazing job hosting the event! They have such a wonderful team of people and we feel so lucky to have paired up with them to make the whole evening happen.

Here are the photos from the event. I enjoyed playing paparazzi for a few hours, weaving in and out of people while I was repeatedly beseeched not to take pictures of them while they were eating. I lovingly promised to immediately delete any such pictures should they find their way onto my memory card. Well, here I am, true to my word. Enjoy!

Note: This is just a portion of the photos from the event. To see the rest, please like our facebook page and check out the photo album with all of the pictures.