Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is digital imaging?

The question has been asked a lot lately here at OC Designer Source, as we’ve been bringing quite a few new artists on board. “What’s the scoop on digital imaging?”

Please excuse my use of technical jargon, I have tried to break this complex subject down as simply as I can. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I will be more than happy to respond with an answer for you.

First of all, in case you’re unfamiliar with the term, digital imaging is capturing a physical painting or work of art to a high resolution digital format (usually a TIFF file), from which you will be able to reproduce that painting as a print. It’s the bridge between an artist painting something, and then being able to make large prints of their work to sell. Basically, if you are an artist hoping to break into the licensing industry, you will need to have your work digitally imaged before anyone can reproduce it or sell it.

There are essentially two methods of digitally imaging a painting. You can either take your paintings to a professional art scanner, or to a professional photographer who does digital imaging. They have the special equipment that allows them to capture your work at an extremely high dpi (dots per inch – 300+ dpi) and size. This high resolution file is necessary in order for the reproductions of your work to look good.

Images taken with 8 MP point and click cameras are not a high enough resolution. They typically take photos at a resolution of 270 dpi (3669 x 2446 pixels.) This would be large enough to reproduce a high quality 8 x 10 print, but would become pixelated as it gets larger. To put this into perspective, a decent sized web photo is usually 72 dpi (750 x 750 pixels.)

In this way, a photographer who sells his photos is lucky – he never has to have his work digitally imaged because every photograph he takes is the file that is used to create the image. But artists and painters who hope to reproduce their work will need to have their work digitally imaged, and the cost for that is always the responsibility of the artist.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art From Abroad

"Prague at Dusk" © Richard Harpum
OC Designer Source represents a number of artists, many of which are based here in the United States, and several others who live internationally. Among these are Italian artist Charaka Simoncelli, Colombian artist Lucia Gomez, and U.K. artist Richard Harpum. Each one is so incredibly talented and brings something unique to our art collection, and we are so pleased to be representing them here in the U.S.

Richard Harpum
Harpum’s detailed, photorealistic paintings of famous locations and landscapes are an easy favorite of the design industry. He recently sold several prints of his work as a part of our Brea Business Park art installation. Each image truly breathes life into the space in which it hangs.

His work is also licensed through VisionArt, a company that offers a unique solution for combining entertainment technology and art in the home. You can visit their website here.

Richard Harpum fine art prints at Brea Business Park

Richard Harpum fine art prints at Brea Business Park

Richard Harpum is represented exclusively by OC Designer Source in the United States.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Floral Photography of Roberta London

Roberta London captures a wide variety of the exquisite floral forms that grow on our planet: the graceful sweeping arch of a stem, the soft elegance of sunlight shining through raindrop kissed petals, the vibrant bursting colors of nature in full bloom.

There is a sweet tenderness, a loving gentle care for her chosen subjects that is immediately apparent in her work. It is obvious to the viewer that London has a deep-seated passion for flowers, from the careful, purposeful way she lines up each photograph and lovingly clicks the shutter. This affection is etched in every shape and detail of her work.

She wasn’t always a floral photographer, however. Roberta first began her journey in her younger years, when she was actively involved in a movement to improve schools in her community. She used 16mm film to document and advocate for exemplary programs, teachers, and classroom approaches. The response to her work was overwhelming – she received such an emotional reaction that her passion for her chosen medium deepened. Over the next 15 years she produced films, video, and television programs which gave her further opportunity to explore the emotional aspects of storytelling and gave her a broader foundation for her work.

It was in 2006, when London moved from New York to Florida that her photography took a huge leap forward. She felt so inspired by the beauty of nature and the flowers that were blooming all around her, that she began a new path with her creative medium. Her love for capturing the botanical beauty that surrounded her was born.

Though Roberta has no formal education or training in photography, her many years of experience in the field coupled with time spent studying the works of photographers that she admires has been the perfect combination for her. Her approach to photography is not so much scientific as it is intuitive: she goes out into the field with an idea in mind and then simply works with the light, the wind, and other circumstances to photograph the beauty that is out in nature.

“The guiding principal as I work is my belief that a photograph -- a fine art photograph --should set a mood, impart a sense of place and above all stir one’s emotions.  My approach to photography is not to document the perfect orchid or tulip or lily.  Instead it is to create an image that is rich with atmosphere and emotion. As a composer, I isolate aspects of a flower so that its fragility or strength, its vulnerability or endurance, can be experienced.”

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Art Installation: Brea Business Park

We are so excited to unveil photos from one of our most recent projects – an art installation at Brea Business Park! We were hired to bring splashes of color and beauty to the hallways and several offices inside of buildings 3030 and 3040. We worked closely with the owners to find just the right pieces to bring each area to life.

Congratulations to all of our talented artists and photographers whose art made it into this project! Your hard work, creativity, and flexibility made it possible for us to make this whole thing come together so smoothly.

Tien Frogget
Tom Griffithe
Richard Harpum
Stephen Schubert
Wendy Froshay
Ricardo Vela
Steve Henderson
Peter Treiber

I also want to give a special thanks to Photomation, who did all of the printing for this project. Their expertise, professionalism, and quick turnaround made it so easy to provide incredibly high quality reproductions of our artists’ work – and they did a truly amazing job!! We are so lucky to be working with them.

Last week we had an opening / mixer where key people had the chance to meet and mingle and enjoy all of the new installs. It was a lot of fun and everyone was so happy with how they turned out. We had a great time and there was even a drawing at the end. OC Designer Source was thrilled that we were able to add our special creative touch to these professional spaces.