Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Custom Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom remodel was one of our latest projects here at OC Designer Source. Looking at the completed design, you might think. “That’s a beautiful bathroom. It came together well.” However, sometimes photographs can only say so much, and that’s where I come in. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes on every project that people don’t get to see – and how everything came together is sometimes a lot more intensive than you would think!

Check out these before photos:

And now for the transformation...

From this beautiful interior, you would never guess that this homeowner was just 3 weeks away from losing their permit. There was no design in place, no contractor, and engineering was needed to approve the window for the sheer wall. On top of that, they were going to be out of town for the next 3 weeks, and had incredibly tight budget needs.

Where many people might throw up their hands and postpone the project, OC Designer Source was able to help this client complete their project on time and on budget. Our expertise in dealing with regulations, permits, and codes enabled us to create and execute a plan of action that resulted in meeting all of the permit requirements just 14 days later.

In the first two days, we solidified a design. Four days later, the client had two contractor bids to choose from. Once a contractor had been decided upon, we approved the plans with the city and engineer and construction began. Not only did our client not lose their permit, everything was completed in compliance with all regulations and codes. 13 inspections later, we met the deadline of the city inspector and her dream bathroom became a reality.

Much of what you see in these photos was custom designed. Right over the sink, there was a vent that could not be moved. Due to space constraints, a standard tub simply would not fit. We had to build a completely custom tub deck for it to sit in as well as doors on either side to access Jacuzzi equipment and plumbing. The niche she wanted next to the shower was created in a meeting roofline to the home. All of the lighting had to be title 24 and the recess on the ceiling was difficult to install since there were supportive beams right above it.

Additionally, a normal configuration for the toilet would not fit, so a large sheet of frosted glass was designed for privacy. There are also two side closets that were different sizes which our client wanted to be made equal. In order to accomplish this, we had to move walls and rearrange interior lights and adjust the access stairs to the attic. She had many details that she wanted, but the space could only house so much of it, and we went out of our way to include as much as was physically possible.

It was a challenging project, but OC Designer Source is pleased that we were able to make it happen for our client, bringing everything together with function, flow, and beauty. We pride ourselves on our ability to transform tricky spaces into personal or professional paradises.


Scott Cross said...

You ladies are truly incredible. What a beautiful design and amazing story of timeline! Great job

Stevie Nottingham said...

This is quite fanstatic, what an effort. This is really inspiring. congratulations.