Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Focus On Photography

Abstract Photography by John R. Math
Photography is such a wonderful medium for creativity! The world is always shifting and changing around us; no sunset will ever be the same, no flower will ever bloom twice. Photography allows us to capture those breathtaking moments and immortalize them in a piece of art. We have the chance to take them home and hang them on our wall where we can bask in their beauty every day.

Some people have said that they don’t feel like photography is really art; they say it is far easier to take a picture of something than it is to paint it. Although I am not negating that it takes an incredible amount of skill and practice to paint a painting, there is an equal amount of effort that goes into creating a powerful photograph as well.

Landscape Photography by Tom Griffithe

The technicalities are in the equipment and the light, rather than with pencil strokes and paint. But they must know and understand all of the same rules of composition and color that an artist knows. The major difference is that a painter can create what they imagine; a photographer must work to capture the purest essence of what is already there. And taking exceptional photographs is no easy task!

Botanical Scannography by Marsha Tudor

Peaceful Photography by Ricardo Vela

The internet is flooded with millions of point and click snapshots that make this all the more obvious – you cannot simply point a camera at something pretty and have it come out perfect most of the time. The experienced, disciplined photographer will know intuitively where to stand to capture the light just right, and to compose it perfectly in the frame. It takes endless hours of practice and patience and growth to become a truly exceptional photographer. That is why when you hang a piece of fine art photography on your wall, you enjoy it just like you would a painting. Not only is it a beautiful piece of work, but it reflects the photographer’s time and skills as well.

Abstract Photography by Tom Druin

Hawaii Photography by Tien Frogget

OC Designer Source has several extremely talented photographers, each specializing in their own styles and subjects. We are so proud to be able to showcase their work and help market their photographs!

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