Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are Interior Design Trends for You?

Interior design trends can be fun to follow and gain inspiration from. You can find some really nice color combinations and discover new things that you really like. But are they the best direction to go in for your home remodel?

I don’t typically recommend that clients try to follow the current trends, unless what’s hot right now is something that they absolutely love. What’s popular changes pretty quickly, and although you might be happy for the first few months that you have your chic design, once the trends begin to change again you might start to feel otherwise. Unless of course you love the design and don’t care that it’s last year’s hat, or if you plan on remodeling every year to keep up with the latest and greatest (some people do!)

A home is your most personal space; it should reflect the personalities of the people that live in it. Each room should be tailored to how much time you spend in it and the activities that you plan on doing in every one of them. The house should typically have a unified theme, and each room is a different facet of that main personality.

The best place to begin when you are thinking about hiring an interior designer to remodel your home is to ask yourself what you like. Begin noticing colors that speak to you. Cut pictures out of magazines or surf the internet and save images of rooms or furniture that you love. If you’re at a friend’s house and you see something that you really like, take a picture of it. All of this research will be incredibly valuable when you sit down with the designer to discuss what you want.

The more notes that you have and the more examples of things that you like that you can give to them, the better. They will begin to see patterns in your choices and be able to take that and create rooms that are specially tailored to your personal taste. Then your home will reflect you, not the passing fancies of designers.

You are going to be living in these spaces every day. It’s not worth all of the time and effort and cost to decorate it in a way that someone else likes, because you will not get nearly as much enjoyment out of it as you would it if it were custom tailored to suit you. You want to be able to come home every day, take a deep breath as you look around, and feel so good to be home.

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