Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Artist’s Recipe For Success

By Tien Frogget
Do not repost without permission from author

Take 1/2 cup pure, unrefined inspiration and mix it with 2 cups of passion in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir occasionally. Add 1/2 cup discipline and let simmer.

After it begins to thicken, pour through a fine strainer to remove as much negativity, doubt, and self-criticism as you can. Do this a few times if necessary. Return to heat and continue to stir occasionally.

In a large mixing bowl, combine equal parts books, classes, and life experience. Knead together gently until a soft dough forms. Be careful not to over-knead it however, you still want your dough to be nice and flexible! Put your dough on a clean surface and roll it out into a circle. Take care to keep from rolling it out too thin; you want an even foundation.

Once your sauce has become thick and aromatic, add 1 cup of innovation and 3 cups of mistakes. Remove from heat and pour evenly over your dough. Congratulations! You now have your talent. A lot of people try to skip some of these steps (especially the mistakes!) and then give up. If you’ve made it this far, you’re doing great.

Next, you’re going to want to sprinkle your talent with plenty of patience, and a lot more passion. Don’t worry about measuring; just go ahead and eyeball it. Then put it in the oven, and bake it for as long as it takes. Every talent takes a different amount of time to cook, and you can’t rush it. Check the oven occasionally, and if you notice any bubbles of negativity or self-criticism popping up, be sure to scrape them off. Sprinkle with more patience if need be.

If you give up and walk away too soon, or if doubt bubbles take over your talent, it can completely collapse and never see its full potential. The key is endless loving care and the willingness to stick with it for as long as it takes.

You will know when your talent has finally baked into a success when people begin crowding around the oven, asking you if they can have some to take home with them.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Fine Art of Stephen Schubert

"Eternal Love" © Stephen Schubert
Stephen Schubert’s paintings are vibrant and colorful works of art with incredible depth and texture. He paints a variety of subject matter, yet his distinct style carries across to each individual canvas and ties them all together.

Rich hues, bold lines, and recurring shapes compose his gorgeous abstract pieces, with just a hint or two of something identifiable to draw you in and make you want more. His Asian art and Koi ponds are soft and detailed, filling the viewer with a sense of peace and serenity. His work is perfectly suited for both residential and commercial interior design projects.

"Blue Drop" © Stephen Schubert
Having lived a life peppered with various odd jobs and work environments, including a bartender, a DJ, a copywriter, a spokesperson, and an actor, Schubert has lived a full life with much experience to draw inspiration from. More than his day to day life, however, it is the simple aspects of nature that surround him that give him the greatest stirrings in his soul; the scent of a water lily, the buzzing of a dragonfly, catching tadpoles in nearby ponds and bringing them to his Japanese garden. He loves traveling as well, and finds the details of his ever-changing surroundings integrating themselves into his work – things like the simple colors and shapes of a clothesline reflected in a puddle, a speeding train, or a bowl of soup.

"Repeat 1" © Stephen Schubert
For a long time, Stephen expressed himself creatively by making foam core abstract construction with clocks. These muti-dimensional pieces were extremely well-received for their unique beauty and unconventional technique. He became known for his 3-D realism and was very successful, selling in over 40 galleries around the country.

"Bamboo 1" © Stephen Schubert
Like all artists, he is always continually evolving and branching off into new styles. His latest body of work takes a completely different direction from his earlier pieces. Beginning with Mediterranean and Asian influences, he has created a variety of contemporary abstracts that are perfect for interiors and work well with a variety of colors. He has also worked on a number of commissions and has discovered that he absolutely loves working with a client to find just the right expression that they are wanting. He revels in revealing meaning in a space, tailoring it to their specific tastes and making it right for them.

Schubert’s work can be found in private art collections around the world including those of celebrities such as Christopher Reeve, Rita Rudner, hit songwriter Diane Warren, John Ritter, world champion tennis player Andy Roddick. He is one of OCDesigner’s newest artists.

"Sizing it Up" © Stephen Schubert

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Abstract Photography of Tom Druin

"Along the Heavens" © Tom Druin
Tom Druin is a fine art photographer with a talent for taking things that are ordinary and recreating them in such a way that they become extraordinary. Through his art, he moves you to a place where reality and fantasy overlap. Although he has photographed a wide variety of subject matter, his most striking work is his collection of abstracts. Vivid colors melt together with unique shapes and textures, capturing your imagination and keeping you riveted in awe.

"Alignment" © Tom Druin
Druin has an incredibly keen eye for detail and has mastered composition. Many of his images simply leap out at you, speaking songs of simple beauty and inviting you to look closer and lose yourself in another world. He is truly a painter without a paintbrush, for every aspect of his work is painstakingly poignant and carefully created.

"Aged" © Tom Druin
It is no wonder that his photographs are so eloquent, however; he has spent most of his life with a camera in hand. When he was only 7, he started out by throwing rocks in the air and attempting to take pictures of them. Since then, things have evolved and he has spent a lot of time photographing a variety of subjects. He tried his hand at wedding photography, but discovered that he preferred the quiet peace and slow pace of nature to capturing people. He has never taken any classes in art or photography, however; only endless hours of practice and a passion for creating have honed his skills.

"Reformed" © Tom Druin
Tom has been through a great deal in his life and his personal journey has been an integral part of his photography. One of the most difficult things he experienced was the untimely death of his wife and the love of his life, who he had been married to for twenty years. This loss was a tremendous obstacle for him, but after much time and healing he was able to allow it to take him even deeper into his art. His spirituality and his love for being a father have both been powerful inspiration as well, motivating him to make peace with life and care even more for others.

"Composed" © Tom Druin
The richly textured experience that he has lived shines through his work, adding layers of beauty that are not seen so much as they are felt. Because he enjoys taking photographs of subjects that are not typically things other people would notice or find special, his work allows what is underneath to shine through even more, making it a truly unique experience.

Tom Druin is currently represented by

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Cultural and Metaphysical Art of Lucia Gómez

Untitled No. 121 © Lucia Gómez
Lucia Gómez’s abstract paintings are a breathtakingly rich experience. Swirls of color and shape sweep across the canvas in a poignant dance between the real and the ethereal, shifting subtly between the two in a way that allows your imagination to explore without boundary. She has this incredible ability to recreate with a paintbrush that which we may only see in our mind’s eye. There is so much more to her art than is revealed at first glance— it pulls you in, inviting you to look and lose yourself within its mesmerizing hues.

"Burning" © Lucia Gómez
Gómez’s mastery of composition and repetition of shape lay the perfect framework for the soft smudges of color, smooth lines, and recognizable objects that bring it all together. The hint of a staircase; the suggestion of candles glowing in a shaft of sunlight; the dark silhouette of a stranger. It is the metaphysical nature of her work that adds that extra sense of depth and wonder to each piece. Much of her paintings express shamanic themes and archetypal symbolism derived from several different cultures, including Central and South America, Australia, and the Far East.

"City Memory" © Lucia Gómez
She doesn’t plan much of her work; instead, she finds herself in a deep state of relaxation and then just allows it to flow through her and create an expression of the journey she is taking in her mind and heart to imagined spaces, caves, and labyrinths. This gives her limitless opportunity for open self-expression, and also allows viewers the chance to interpret them in their own way, drawing their own conclusions and having their own personal experiences.

Lucía’s paintings have been featured in several both solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries in South America , the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, including the McMaster Museum of Art in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Hamilton in Ontario, the Sol Gallery, the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art, the Artesanos Gallery in Miami, the Florida International University, the Concertina Gallery in London, Shah Alam Gallery in Malaysia, and the Accademia D'arte Di Pisa in Italy.

Untitled No. 21 © Lucia Gómez
Born and raised in Colombia, she has had a large number of exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers in Bogotá , including the Museo Enrique Grau, galería El Callejón, Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas, galeria Baobab, galería Carrión Vivar, galería Casa Cuadrada, Fundación Santillana para Ibero América, Cámara de Comercio, and galería GAF. Much of her work has been exhibited at Alcaldía de Medellín, galería de arte El taller in Medellín, and Museo Comfamiliar in Barranquillla.

Lucia Gómez is currently represented by

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are Interior Design Trends for You?

Interior design trends can be fun to follow and gain inspiration from. You can find some really nice color combinations and discover new things that you really like. But are they the best direction to go in for your home remodel?

I don’t typically recommend that clients try to follow the current trends, unless what’s hot right now is something that they absolutely love. What’s popular changes pretty quickly, and although you might be happy for the first few months that you have your chic design, once the trends begin to change again you might start to feel otherwise. Unless of course you love the design and don’t care that it’s last year’s hat, or if you plan on remodeling every year to keep up with the latest and greatest (some people do!)

A home is your most personal space; it should reflect the personalities of the people that live in it. Each room should be tailored to how much time you spend in it and the activities that you plan on doing in every one of them. The house should typically have a unified theme, and each room is a different facet of that main personality.

The best place to begin when you are thinking about hiring an interior designer to remodel your home is to ask yourself what you like. Begin noticing colors that speak to you. Cut pictures out of magazines or surf the internet and save images of rooms or furniture that you love. If you’re at a friend’s house and you see something that you really like, take a picture of it. All of this research will be incredibly valuable when you sit down with the designer to discuss what you want.

The more notes that you have and the more examples of things that you like that you can give to them, the better. They will begin to see patterns in your choices and be able to take that and create rooms that are specially tailored to your personal taste. Then your home will reflect you, not the passing fancies of designers.

You are going to be living in these spaces every day. It’s not worth all of the time and effort and cost to decorate it in a way that someone else likes, because you will not get nearly as much enjoyment out of it as you would it if it were custom tailored to suit you. You want to be able to come home every day, take a deep breath as you look around, and feel so good to be home.