Friday, October 14, 2011

How Interior Design Affects Your Well-Being – Part 1

Most people are aware by now that the environment you live in affects your health. The things that surround you on a day to day basis affect your mood and emotions, which in turn has a dramatic impact on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. A cluttered home with too many contrasting colors can cause stress and anxiety, while peaceful, calming colors and textures can bring more serenity and relaxation into your life.

Just color in and of itself has a huge impact on your mood, as we talked about before in one of our previous blog posts: How Color Affects the Energy of a Room.

But what else has a dramatic effect besides color?  Believe it or not: everything! Granted, different things affect people differently. If one person had a bad experience in a home with a certain style of décor, it can affect them negatively-- while that same décor can bring another person endless peace and joy, and vice versa. But beyond the obvious, living in a beautiful environment that suits your personality and preferences can have a greater impact on you than you know.

Tailoring each room of your house to the specific activities that you intend to do in each one can help bring greater productivity or relaxation, depending on what those things are. For example, an office can be enhanced for productivity by keeping it tidy and using primarily a lot of white space with splashes of light blue to bring peace and calm, and gentle accents of orange and yellow to stimulate enthusiasm, excitement, and help you to feel uplifted. Stay away from reds here, as they can simulate frustration and anger, something you definitely want to stay away from while you are working.

It is important to ask yourself what makes you personally feel good, and what you like. Experiment with colors and see how you feel after looking at them for long periods of time. You may discover that a redesign in your dining room might cause more fun and good conversation around the table at dinnertime. Or you might find that a shift in your living room helps you to relax more easily. Or a color change in the entryway of your house makes guests feel more welcome.

In Part 2, I’m going to get into more detail and share with you some of things that can help you more specifically, based on your personality – so don’t miss it!

One last tip before I go: to bring more joy and peace to any environment, try bringing in a bouquet of fresh flowers. My Aunt has a passion for roses, and has more than a dozen rose bushes in her backyard. Since they bloom all year round, she is constantly trimming them and making bouquets all over the house. I remember one Thanksgiving where her house was filled with no less than twenty overflowing bouquets of roses, and everyone was walking around going, “why do I feel so good!?” It sounds simple, but it has a dramatic effect on your well-being. Fresh flowers have an incredible ability to uplift our spirit.

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