Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun with Florals

"Lotus Flower" © Tien Frogget 
What is it about floral and botanical images that makes them so peaceful and calming?

Maybe it’s because they’re one of nature’s most beautiful treasures; a brilliant blossom of color and shape that brightens up any space. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they’re so transient and short-lived; a flower will bloom only for a brief time before wilting and returning back to the earth that made it, making its tiny blink of a life span all the more precious.

"Magnolia II" © Marsha Tudor
"Ribbon" © Bonnie Kelso

"Narcissus Containment" © Marsha Tudor
Whatever it is, flowers have been one of the most popular subjects of art and photography for hundreds of years – and they still are. In fact, they make up roughly 65% of the current decorative and retail market. Think about it - when you hang a painting or print of flowers on your wall, you don’t have to trim the stems, change the water, and replace them at the end of the week. They are always in full bloom.

The flower has long been a symbol of the human spirit; the epitome of a life lived to its fullest potential. Throughout history, various cultures have applied different meanings to both flowers in general as well as specific varieties. Roses and all of the brilliant colors that you can find them in each have a different meaning; for example, the red rose is a symbol of love, while the pink rose is a symbol of friendship.

"Dancing Calla Lilies" © Emelina Figueroa
"Lavender Rose" © Ricardo Vela

"Tropical Bloom" © Tien Frogget
Researchers have also more recently discovered that different types of flowers and their colors, when used with specific patterns or arrangements, can have healing or calming effects. When placed in a hospital or wellness center, the art can contribute to the overall positive well-being of the space. Green is an especially powerful color for promoting healing as well.

Not only do florals appeal to a wide variety of people of all ages and from all walks of life, but they are truly timeless. They make up an ever-growing market and will always be a surefire pleaser. They are the perfect addition to almost any space. With so many different types of flowers to choose from and even more artists to interpret and portray them, you can find gorgeous botanical works that convey any effect you are looking for.

"Floral Galaxy" © Tom Griffithe
"Fire" © Ricardo Vela
"Blue Star Sunflower" © Emelina Figueroa

"Scarlet Geranium" © Tien Frogget
"Midnight Callas" © Marsha Tudor

"Fall Flowers" © Tom Griffithe

"Golden Abundance" © Marsha Tudor

"Colorful Roses 2" © Tien Frogget

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