Friday, August 19, 2011

Teaming up with VisionArt

Do you love your state-of-the-art widescreen TV? Do you appreciate the size, detail and vivid color when you’re watching it, but think of it as kind of an eyesore when it’s off? Maybe it doesn't really complement your design scheme.

Let me introduce this fantastically innovative company, VisionArt.  They have a really cool solution! (If we may say so.)

"Yin Yang Beach" by Tien Frogget
Imagine being able to press a button and transform your TV into a framed work of art… the ultimate disguise! Press a button and your prized TV is back. It’s like magic (or just a genius piece of technology.)

This TV concealment system features high-quality art on museum quality giclée prints from today’s hottest artists and photographers and is tailored to match the décor of your home. Not only that, VisionArt can also be used to conceal other things besides TVs, and can be custom-ordered in virtually any size. 

"Running Free" by Wendy Froshay
OC Designer Source has recently teamed up with VisionArt to provide them with work from our own popular artists! Check it out here!

You can find work from Wendy Froshay, Ricardo Vela, Richard Harpum, Tien Frogget, Tom Griffithe, Elizabeth Khorey, and more!

We are pleased to say that we will be continuing to work with VisionArt in the future to provide more top-quality fine art and photography for their galleries.

"Street Reflections" by Ricardo Vela

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