Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun Ideas For Hanging Art On Your Wall

More often than not, art is going to be hung on the wall in the standard fashion: straight up and down (horizontal or vertical format) with a beautiful frame to complement it and a blank wall behind. In most cases, this is typically the best option – especially if the piece is a landscape or a seascape. You don’t usually see this kind of art hung upside-down. (That would be a funny sight to see!)

However, there is a lot of art out there that you can do some really fun things with – the most obvious being abstracts! But if you get creative, you can easily do some really cool things with other kinds of art as well. Here are some ideas for hanging art that you can try, if you want to change things up a bit!

"Flow" © Bonnie Kelso
Abstract art can be so much fun because it doesn’t matter which way you hang it. You can make a piece spring to life again simply by rotating it to the left or right every so often. Owning a set of matching art makes this even easier, as you can not only rotate the pieces, but also move the one that used to be in the center position to the right, and shifting the others over as well (and so on.)

If you want to get really outside the box, try hanging the pieces diagonally, or at interesting angles. It may or may not always work, depending on the shape of the piece and surrounding décor, but you might just find that sweet spot that looks perfect! And it’ll be a great conversation piece when you have company.

"Sea Dreams" © Wendy Froshay
Or you can try doing prints of images in the set at smaller sizes, and combining them with larger ones, to make for a more interesting layout.

"Sunset" © Bonnie Kelso

"Introspection" © Wendy Froshay

If you want to commission something from your favorite artist, you can take this a step further and even commission it with the intention of hanging it a certain way. Here is a set that I was commissioned to create by Mary H., who just loves daisies. The color scheme for her guest bedroom was mostly burgundy and yellow, and she wanted something really unique to hang on the far wall. We sketched out some ideas, and she decided she wanted a 10 x 30 vase with a yellow daisy and three 10 x 10 burgundy and yellow daisies to go with it that would hang diagonally. This is the result:

"Mary's Daisies" © Tien Frogget

Here are some other fun ideas:
  • A piece of art can look beautiful hanging really high on the wall, or really low, close to the baseboards -- in the right circumstances.
  • A piece of art doesn’t necessarily need a frame if it has canvas wrap – the sides of the painting or image wrap around onto the sides.
  • You can hang pieces of décor with the piece of art on the wall. I know a lady who likes to hang her canvases outside on a covered patio. For one of them, she draped a beautiful piece of fabric across the wall and then hung a floral piece diagonally on top of it. This won't work in every case, but in her home it looks perfect!
  • Sometimes you can group art together with décor on the wall. You can use anything to accent art, not just fabric; wallpaper, ornaments, even wrought iron deco.

It’s all about trying things out! Don’t be afraid to experiment and move things around until you find something that looks spectacular!

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