Monday, June 27, 2011

ART — It Feeds the Soul

            written by Tien Frogget

Technology Culture Museum
Why Do We Undervalue Creativity?
Creativity is the very force that propels us forward in every single aspect of life. It is creativity that gives us new possibilities, that innovates and streamlines the way we do everything.

It's creativity that inspires new technologies and has transformed the human race from a life-of-pure-survival to a society that is increasingly more entertainment and joy-based than ever before in history.

Edward de Bono said it beautifully…  
“There is no doubt that creativity is
the most important human resource of all.”

Ansel Adams
I know people who create the most extraordinary things. They are unbelievably talented. Some are artists and photographers, others are writers.

Norman Rockwell
The Artist at Work
Artists are often told and some believe, that they should work for next to nothing and be grateful to be doing what they love. They're told it is a necessary stepping stone and some have bought into this model. They live only a fraction of their potential because they spend more time trying to figure out how to survive rather than focusing on their incredible creativity.

Don’t Fall Into This Trap
Mona Lisa
Leonardo da Vinci
If you don’t sell it for what it’s worth, you are NOT making a living doing what you love — you’re selling yourself out by shouting to the world, “My work has no worth!”

A Fact: People have been buying art for decades, and they are going to continue to buy it forever; because it has worth to them. Historically, art continues to become an ever more valuable commodity, because more and more people recognize that art, unlike everything else — has never depreciated! If all art were expensive, people would still buy it.

Victoria Falls
Art Feeds the Soul
Art is a song that sings from your wall every day. It inspires you and every person that visits your home. If beauty wasn’t important to us, we would all be living in  white cubes and we would never want to vacation in gorgeously landscaped resorts. We would never feel inspired to travel to see the wonders of the world. We'd wear the same uniform every day, eat bland food and never listen to music.

When you buy art, you are not only purchasing something that will beautify your home and light up the space you live in, you are making a statement about your values.

You are saying,
“Creativity is important to me.
I am supporting the spiritual growth and talent of these individuals
who have the ability to create and capture the beauty that exists around us.
The beauty that we don’t all have the opportunity to see.
I am helping to shift the perception of our planet...
one piece of art at a time.”
Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

Friday, June 24, 2011

Interior Designers and Contractors: Why work with OC Designer Source?

Seeking Reliable Pros?
It’s the age old question: “How do I find reliable professionals to work with that will reflect well on my business?”

You’ve needed various services at some point in your career; someone to install the beautiful cabinets in your client’s home or one who does exceptional iron work. You could need tiles, mirrors, or framing. Maybe you want a place where you can find high quality art to complement your designs.

Trust is Key
The thing is, it’s not always easy to find companies you can trust. It’s frustrating when you hire someone to install the flooring on your latest project and they don’t complete it on schedule, they do a mediocre job, and they leave a mess behind. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Not only for you, but for your clients as well; they’re going to associate someone else’s poor work with you.

Time Saver
Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to prevent delays and mediocre work? What if there were a once-stop-shop place for you to find professional designers, contractors, and artists who meet all of your needs, and you knew you could rely on them?

Composizione due vasi
©Charaka Simoncelle
What if each company had already been pre-screened, not only for credentials and quality of work, but also for attitude and customer service as well? Wouldn’t it be great to find someone who takes the weight off of your shoulders of having to do all this work by yourself, giving you more time to focus on the most important aspects your business?

That’s what we do
here at OC Designer Source.

Over the years we have carefully crafted an exclusive member base of the very best professionals in this industry. We are an exclusive network of designers, architects, contractors, artists, and experts, and our goal is to be exceptional in our field.

This means we’ve had to reject a lot of people along the way that didn’t meet our high standards. We simply don’t have time to waste with people who are just “in it to do their job.” We want to work with people who have high expectations and want to go the distance in everything they do.

If this sounds like you, and you are looking for like-minded people to work with, consider contacting us. The question is: will you meet our qualifications?

~ written by Tien Frogget

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Patricia Tyser Carberry, Gifted Glass Artist

©Patricia Tyser Carberry
Patricia Tyser Carberry has a gift for working with glass. Inspired by vibrant colors and unique shapes, she creates wearable works of art as well as stylish accents for the home. Beginning only with high quality materials, her wide variety of designs can include any combination of unique elements. She frequently combines her glasswork with metal, powders, lava, freshwater pearls, malachite, amethyst, ammonite, pyrite, semiprecious stones, swarovski crystals, silver and more. It is these touches that make each piece its own work of art.

©Patricia Tyser Carberry
Her fascination with glass is rooted in her original specialty – creating custom stained glass windows for client’s homes. It was her interest in hot molten glass that drew her into the world of jewelry and tile creation. Her tiles are gorgeous colorful limited edition pieces with unique patterns and textures. They add a wonderful splash of eye-catching artistry to walls, countertops, floors, and even pools. This simple way to spice up any room has become very popular in recent years.

©Patricia Tyser Carberry
Carberry pays careful attention to detail when creating each piece, working meticulously to ensure that every single design is the highest quality that it can be. There is a great deal of passion that comes across as you watch her work. She uses lampworking to craft all of her beads, a technique that has been around for centuries. This process utilizes an oxygen propane tank hotter than 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to melt the glass. Each individual piece is torch-blown or kiln-fused and kiln-annealed. It is this process that makes her jewelry so durable; they become hard as rock and will last for decades, if not longer.

Guiding Star ©Patricia Tyser Carberry
Because every bead is created by hand, and then all of these beads are used to create one-of-a-kind designs that are both elegant and fashionable, each person has the joy of owning their own truly exceptional and timeless heirloom. It is easy to see why her work has come to be so well-loved across the United States. Jewelry collectors and designers alike covet her work. You can find Carberry designs in designer clothing stores, art galleries, and select upscale boutiques throughout the country.

Patricia’s artistic interior design touches are also popular and interior designers love using her tiles as both accents and focal points. She is currently represented by Her tiles are available for sale both individually and in bulk amounts on the website.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Natural Abstractions of Bonnie Kelso

Blue Carolla ©Bonnie Kelso
Bonnie Kelso paints her own beautiful world of texture and vibrant color. One of the most distinctive aspects of her style is the easy simplicity of shapes and curves that make up much of her portfolio. You feel as though you are looking straight into the heart, soul, and emotion of both her and her chosen subject matter. There is a loving tenderness that is expressed through every stroke of her paintbrush.  Her work is truly one of a kind.

Echo ©Bonnie Kelso
This Florida-born artist gains much of her inspiration from the natural world around her; the landscape, the trees, the sky. Her passion for adventure, travel, and nature are reflected in each of her collections. She spends a great deal of her time backpacking, scuba diving, and rock climbing; constantly exploring the beauty of the world around her and going to new and fantastic places. She loves to capture and document her experiences with her camera and then draw inspiration from her photos later to create paintings.

Kelso grew up exploring nature as well as frequenting the art museums near her home and appreciating the vast collections they had to offer. She studied fine arts at the Rhode Island school of design and later ended up working in the museums she had loved so much in her youth, specializing in exhibition design.

Her innate spirituality and zest for life are not only revealed through her art, but also through her blog, ‘Natural Abstractions.’ She shares many fascinating stories behind what she is currently working on.  It is a joy to read the experiences behind many of her paintings and better understand her incredibly unique voice. It is clear through everything that she creates that she is genuinely true to herself and is living in alignment with her purpose.

Sunset ©Bonnie Kelso
Because of her great love for nature, Kelso donates a portion of her proceeds to nature conservation programs that she believes are in alignment with her mission and purpose in life. They inspire her tremendously and therefore she wants to give back some of what they have helped her to create.  She also sometimes creates artwork for logos and campaigns and often donates her work to fund raising events and charities.

Bonnie Kelso’s work can often be found in shows and exhibits and she currently sells her work online as well as through

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ricardo Vela's Digital Photography

Ricardo Vela is a well-known photographer and artist with a flair for aesthetic and emotion. He has a talent for capturing unique light, creating beautiful compositions, and has a portfolio was subjects that are vast and varied. If his work could be summed up in two words, it would be cultural and peaceful.
Torn to Pieces ©Ricardo Vela
Since he was a child, Vela has been fascinated with photography. At only 8 years old he began taking pictures and was delighted by his new ability to capture moments in time that only he saw. Another thing that ignites his imagination is the powerful opportunity to tell a story through a single still image. He is no stranger to the art of storytelling, though; Vela is an Emmy award-winning journalist who is currently both news anchor and producer for KBNT-TV Channel 17 in San Diego. If you live in the area, you might recognize his picture.

Petals ©Ricardo Vela
His love for journalism first began to reveal itself in the third grade, when he was the first to start a school newspaper. Having grown up in Mexico, his work has always reflected his Hispanic roots. He was been nominated for two Emmys and won two more for giving a voice to the San Diegan Hispanic community and their needs. In 2001 he was named one of the 100 most influential Hispanic journalists in the country by Hispanic Magazine. He has also continued to support and inspire the Hispanic community through his radio talk show, which he started in 2004.

Dancers ©Ricardo Vela
All three of his passions; storytelling, photography, and painting, play into each other an contribute to his versatility and creativity. Ricardo feels that art especially has been a wonderful medium for him to express the strong emotions he has felt over the years. The bold colors and the freedom of being able to create absolutely anything appeal to his artistic nature. He likes that the canvas and paint allow him to express that which is coming directly from his soul, without necessarily including his surrounding environment.

Vela owns two art galleries; one in San Diego and one in Palm Desert. He recognizes that one of the most important things an artist can do it to continue to challenge themselves and find new ways of expressing themselves. He considers each piece he creates to be a part of his soul.

Ricardo Vela is represented by

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Artistic Impressions of Sally Masteller

Albius ©Sally Mastelle
Sally Masteller has a gift for capturing the romance and beauty of a scene.  Her murals bring a sense of warmth and peace to the room, drawing on different realities to alter the feel of the living space. She gives you permission to swim in the deep sea in your bedroom, sleep underneath a canopy of tropical palms, or walk by the sun setting on Tuscany in your hallway. Her paintings are simply smaller versions of these gorgeous masterpieces.

There is a sense of fun and playfulness that her work exudes; you can picture Sally smiling as she plans out the scene, paintbrush in hand. There is no doubt that in her mind, she is already standing in another world, looking out over Venice as the sun sparkles on the water and casts shadows from the gondolas. This is work that not only brings tremendous joy to her, but to those who get to look out on these places every day thanks to her gift.

Livia ©Sally Masteller
Masteller was born in Hollywood, California. She was always an artist at heart, and spent her youth drawing more sheep into the pastoral wallpaper in her room and doodling in class. At 13, she began her first art lessons and never stopped.  In High School she entered a national poster contest and won. After that she studied art in Chicago, New York, and L.A, and enjoyed exploring galleries and museums throughout Europe. She has worked a great deal in commercial illustration, painted over 100 watercolor commissions, and even illustrated children’s books.

Aurelia ©Sally Masteller
It was her decision to paint a mural on the wall of a friend’s house as a baby gift that Sally first discovered her love for this medium. She realized that there was something incredibly freeing about painting without a frame. She continued to pick up more mural commissions and her passion grew. Today she is one of the most well-known muralists in Southern California.

Sally has continued to grow as an artist, venturing into the realm of Italian plasters in order to enhance her already lovely work with a sense of aged antiquity. She delights in creating something that she knows her clients will love every time they walk into a room.

OCDesignerSource currently offers her smaller paintings, allowing everyone to enjoy their own personal slice of Sally Masteller’s versions of paradise. This wonderful alternative is perfect for those who don’t necessarily want a full mural.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Breathtaking Photography of Tom Griffithe

Crystal Cove Boardwalk
©Tom GriffT
Tom Griffithe is a remarkable creator who has the ability to walk the balance between the roles of both photographer and fine artist. Not only does he have the patience to carefully capture breathtaking scenes of Mexico, Monument Valley, Venice, Crystal Cove, and many other celebrated locations; but he does so with his own particular finesse. His gift for composition gives him license to photograph incredibly complex and detailed subjects where most would simply not know where to begin. The mindful placement of so many elements in one frame is reminiscent of the way a landscape painter simply alters the scene to fit their fancy, yet a photographer cannot simply omit a building because he doesn’t like it.

Isle of Capri ©Tom Griffithe
Griffithe makes everything that is already there work together, giving the viewer plenty that is pleasing to the eye to get lost in.

However, Tom goes a step further by taking these already striking subjects and then pushing them beyond what they are currently in order to see their greatest potential. Using the computer mouse as his paintbrush, he enhances textures, colors, and light in a way that adds a sense of wonder and fantasy to each of his pieces. The result is something that could never have been achieved by taking a simple photograph, and probably would have been difficult for any painter to create from scratch. He has found his own unique niche and has become very good at it.

37 Chevy ©Tom Griffithe
Tom was born in Philadelphia but grew up in California and considers it his true home. He was part of the Art Department in college, and graduated from Cal State University Long Beach. For many years he was director of a corporate graphic design group. All the while he has continued to pursue his passion for photography, yet still revealing his love for art by adding his own stylized touches to them.

Griffithe has won a variety of awards and shown his work in many galleries and exhibitions. His photos have been published and reproduced in a significant number of local magazines and newspapers. He sells his work online as well as to the interior design industry through OCDesignerSource.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Scannography Art of Marsha Tudor

In a unique blending of photography and art, Marsha Tudor creates breathtaking botanical still lifes and mandalas. What’s so different about her process? Marsha’s camera lens is actually a flatbed scanner and her paintbrush is the computer. It is this unusual medium (called scanography) that gives her work its elegant and almost celestial feel, depicting flowers with gossamer petals that glow from within as they float, suspended in darkness.
Golden Overlay ©Marsha Tudor

Each piece is created through the slow and careful process of placing a group of flora or fruit and vegetables on the scanner and taking several scans.  Tudor then makes adjustments in arrangement and takes great care to remove all dust or dirt that she can find. Every imperfection becomes clearly visible at high resolution scans because every part of the image is in perfect focus, unlike photos taken by a regular camera.  Once she has a scan that she likes, she will spend the next 10-40 hours painstakingly going through the piece at high magnification, digitally removing the inevitable dust and dirt that she missed while scanning, as well as other tears, bruises or spots.

Then the fun begins.

Mandala ©Marsha Tudor
Tudor takes the image into Photoshop and other programs where she adjusts colors and adds layers of texture and other effects. It is her expert processing that takes this typically one-dimensional technology and nurtures it into the three-dimensional artistry displayed in her portfolio. The result is a vast body of work that is simply unparalleled in the world of fine art.

Marsha has a long history in art and creativity, having graduated from California State University East Bay with her Studio Art degree in 1978. Her journey began primarily with drawing and was centered around classical art media, though she was always fascinated by natural and floral subject matter. Marsha also studied horticulture, botany, photography, drafting, landscape architecture, AutoCAD, and computer graphics. Following the upswing of technology, she progressed into the digital arena and completely fell in love with scanner art.  She now works exclusively in scanography.

Salsa ©Marsha Tudor

Currently, Tudor resides in California with her family. Living in an area with such a wide variety of plant life has offered her ongoing inspiration. She spends much of her time creating new works, displaying her art in galleries and shows, and selling them to the interior design industry. Collectors and art appreciators alike have the pleasure of enjoying these stunningly beautiful pieces for years to come.

See more of Marsha Tudor's scannography at

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Enchanting Watercolors of Mona McGuire

Mona McGuire might as well have a magic paintbrush. Her landscapes are incredible visions of dancing light and color. Each painting is wonderfully lifelike but still soft, dreamy, and imbued with a sense of romanticism. She has a gift for creating enchantment that calls to you through the canvas, beckoning you to walk down the path and into the scene.

Botanical In Blue and Yellow ©Mona McGuire
Her vast collection of exquisite paintings depict a traveler’s view of  a dozen different countries and cities.  Mona’s work allows the viewer to journey to exotic destinations without leaving home. This love for exploring new places is the inspiration for most of her art. She specializes in scenic images of Japan, China, Spain, Ireland, England, Hawaii, California, Mexico, and many of the other places she has traveled to throughout her life.

Steamboat Springs ©Mona McGuire
As well as her ability to create captivating landscapes, McGuire also brings to life a collection of charming still-lifes, abstracts, botanicals, and even portraits. Her versatility, knowledge, and ability to create endless picturesque pieces is a gift. It is remarkable the way she can take several completely different photographs of various things and merge them all together into a painting that is entirely different and yet ten times more beautiful. However, it is the love and peace that permeates each painting that truly makes her work magical.

Capistrano Arch ©Mona McGuire
McGuire has spent a lifetime learning and growing as an artist and honing her skills in a variety of classes and workshops. Early on, she attended Salt Lake Community College and BYU. Over the years, she studied with several masters and teachers, including Timothy Clark, Carl Purcell, Frank Covino, Tony Couch, Tom Lynch, Judi Betts, Buck Paulson, and more. Her love for painting has compelled her to create literally hundreds of pieces that have been sold to collectors all over the world.

Mona’s incredible talent for creating beauty has resulted in many awards and a passionate following She has been in a variety of shows and belongs to many art associations and societies. Clients regularly request commissions from her and delight in seeing her newest work. Mona has taught both watercolor and oil paintings to eager students for over three decades. She is an amazing artist who has inspired dozens of others to find their own artistic voice and has brightened countless homes.

Mona McGuire is represented exclusively by

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Harmonic Abstract Photography of John R. Math

With each photograph, John Math asks each of us to take a journey into the heart and soul of a single subject. Streaks of vibrant color and subtly recognizable shapes embody these soft abstract works of art that have come to be so well-loved by the interior design industry.
Heavy Equipment ©John R. Math
His goal when creating a piece is to capture the overall feeling of that particular subject. Regardless of what one might initially think, he does not use any digital enhancements or manipulations through either filters or software. Remarkably, he creates every one of his photos with only a camera.

The essence of Math’s unique voice is simplicity. He has taken complex subjects and distilled them down to their most dominant features. In his mechanical pieces it could be the curve of a tire and the line of a truck. In his nature pieces it could be the pattern of colorful autumn leaves against a blue sky or patches of trees reflected in water. In yet other works he takes his photography completely abstract, to the point where you no longer have any idea of what the original subject matter was.  Regardless of the photo, his minimalist style is instantly recognizable in a crowd.

Wall 4 ©John R. Math
John was initially introduced to photography by his Grandmother and over the years it became a lifelong passion. He is primarily self-taught, although he did spend several years as a photographer’s assistant in New York and Fort Lauderdale to multiple commercial photographers. Though he learned a great deal, he felt restricted by the very nature of commercial photography, which allowed for some creativity but was mostly driven by the clients’ desires. Eventually they always won and so John found himself having less and less fun.

Nature 2 ©John R. Math
In the end, he left the commercial photography industry and began a career in real estate, all the while continuing to pursue his photography in his spare time. He enjoyed it much more when he was able to take photos that interested him and did not have to alter it to fit others wishes. As time progressed he was able to gradually devote more and more of his time to his passion.

John Math now resides in Jupiter, Florida.  His abstract photography career is filled with dozens of shows and multiple awards.  His work is now represented in several states through various agents and galleries.  His art is well-loved by people all over the world.

Find John R. Math photography at