Saturday, April 30, 2011

Italian Abstracts and Mixed Media by Charaka Simoncelli

Dramatic splashes of color and fluid form mingle in an exotic dance between the physical realm and the ethereal. Contrasting hues reflect each other, portraying a serene and delicate balance of opposing forces.  Here is an artist who has created a whole new language of emotion through abstract shape.
New York ©Charaka Simoncelli
With works that are utterly mysterious in nature and unendingly compelling, Italian artist Charaka Simocelli captures the fiery passion of the human heart and sets it to paper.  She  reels you in slowly and mesmerizes you with lines and loops, drips, spatters, and vague textures embellished with deliberate detail.  You could stare forever and never cease to find more layers of meaning in this cryptically rich body of work.  But losing yourself is the fun part! 

Who is this remarkable woman and how did she become the artist she is today?  Her education involved years of study at the R. Steiner Academy in Milano, then the University of Creativity in India and finally another two years at the Image University in Milano.  Her career is layered with over a dozen gallery exhibitions, dotted with awards, and highlighted by much acclaim.  Along the way, her great love for travel has taken her to many countries and earned her a diverse audience of admirers and supporters from all over the world.

Bamboo Verdi II
©Charaka Simoncelli

Though Charaka’s works are labyrinthine windows into her own unique universe, the most wonderful thing about her art is that it is also eternally ambiguous.  There is so much left open for your own interpretation. A single piece can evoke a mixture of impressions and sensations for each individual, speaking to everyone in their own inner languages.  It is not simply art that you hang on your wall to fill the spaces.  Like a polished piece of fine classical music, her works have the potential to uncover portals to new thoughts, ideas, and dreams.  It is no wonder that collectors everywhere cherish her work.

OC Designer Source is the excusive licensor of Simoncelli’s work in the United States. If you are interested in licensing her art please contact us through

Yorba Linda Community Faire and Classic Car Show

The Yorba Linda Community Faire and Classic Car Show

We had a GREAT time meeting everyone and the weather was fantastic!
  • Business Booths
  • Classic Car Show (All Makes, All Models
  • A Health Faire
  • School and Local Non-profit Groups
  • Game Booths
  • Food Booths
  • Finger printing by Brea Police
  • Entertainment on Stage
  • Rescued Animals ... and more!
Thanks for dropping in to say hello!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

OC Designer Source Exclusive Artist Richard Harpum

A veritable master of light, Richard Harpum breathes scenes to life on canvas in exquisite detail.  Rest your eyes on his artwork and you are instantly drawn in, compelled to look and study and absorb.  The more pieces of his work you see the more you find yourself falling in love with the romance and enchantment that pervades each of his creations, wanting nothing more than to step through the canvas and into that domain.
In an ideal world, we would each be able to walk into our own Richard Harpum masterpiece and be fully immersed in his three-dimensional worlds of paint and color and light.  Indeed, each painting is so vivid and lifelike that it’s easy to imagine.

Emma ©Richard Harpum
Though his natural talent is immediately apparent, there is also a great deal of work and study that has laid the foundation for these resplendent works.  He began learning at the age of 12 and painted periodically over the years, garnering a Masters Degree of Arts from Cambridge University along the way.  However, Harpum didn’t truly become serious about his craft until he was in his 50’s.  Since then he has spent a great deal of time reading and studying other artists in an ongoing effort to learn and improve.  It’s inspiring to recognize that one who is mostly self-taught can create such technically unparalleled works.

One tool that he swears by is the golden ratio.  He believes that this gives his paintings better balance and makes them far more pleasing to the eye than simply using the traditional rule of thirds.  Beginning with this in mind, he bases each piece primarily on one original photograph.  Richard then adapts to improve composition and contrast, finding inspiration in his rather thorough collection of photographic research.  He works for a while, and then stands back to analyze and critique himself.  He will then adjust and improve and reconsider, constantly reassuring himself that the painting is going in the direction he wants to take it.  Finally, he intuitively “knows” when it is complete.

Time To Go Home ©Richard Harpum
Richard Harpum believes it is important to continue to learn and grow in one’s work, and considers every painting to be an education.  It is a real pleasure to continue to see every new piece he produces and delight in the unique way he manipulates light, shadow, and texture to create such a diverse portfolio of subject matter – each one an incredible portrayal of the elegance and beauty of our planet.

OC Designer Source is the excusive licensor of Harpum’s work in the United States. If you are interested in licensing his art please contact us through

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organic and Natural Encaustic Art by Elizabeth Khorey

Stand back and look at a piece of Elizabeth Khorey’s artwork and you will likely be impressed by the way she merges color and shape with texture. It is clear that she has an uncommon perspective and an eye for the aesthetic.

However, there is a lot more to this artist than meets the eye.

Silent Spaces ©Elizabeth Khorey
Layers of pure beeswax, plasters and embedded organic objects coalesce seamlessly with Khorey’s knowledge and talent, imbuing her creations with a singularity that is uniquely her own. The multitude of materials that make up each painting would not come together in such a way without the many invisible facets of her background and experience working behind the scenes.

Elizabeth began her journey with a degree in Art History. Add to this her training in historical faux finish applications, old world Venetian plaster techniques, as well as color analysis, mixing and specification. Top it off with years studying, experimenting, and hard work developing her understanding of encaustics. All of these together lay the foundation that allows her to then intuitively create sculptural and spiritual works of art.

Colors of the Bay
©Elizabeth Khorey

She confides that she embeds things within the layers using collage techniques to, “create a yummy opportunity to explore. Half of the technique is serendipity. It tells me where to lay my next color, where to carve next, and how many layers to create… I feel like I have a relationship with the wax. It speaks as much as I do. I approach painting loosely, I let it evolve.”

Most of all, Elizabeth is a distinct gem in the interior design world because of her understanding of what designers want. She understands how to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will complement a variety of styles, looks, and flavors. Why? Because when she was fresh out of college, she worked in the design industry herself.

Green Spheres ©Elizabeth Khorey
The primary designer would create the motif or the feel of the room, and Khorey would shop for furniture, fixtures, fabrics and accessories, and then assist with all of the installations. Her diversity of experiences and uncommon perception of art and beauty, ingrained in her since youth, give her that flair that so many designers are looking for.

When asked what’s it like to be an artist, Elizabeth Khorey admits, “I don’t know anything different. Its so natural and organic to me that I don’t know that it’s a career as much as it’s a gift and a talent that comes relatively naturally, whether I’m arranging flowers, writing, or buying a gift for a friend – all of this I look at as an artistic expression. It’s a gift that flows out of who I am.”

Ms. Khorey is represented by

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Breathtaking Organic Masterpieces

Magnolia on Gray I, II & III ©Marsha Tudor
Marsh Tudor Huge Success!
Donatella, the owner of Il Barone states that Marsha Tudor's sumptuous organic imagery is the most talked about art that she's had in her restaurant.

Her customers love the beautiful creations that Tudor has created. Art collectors and industry professionals are very interested in obtaining her art for their current projects.

"Overall it was an amazing event", says Michele Preston of OCDesignerSource.

If you is interested in having consigned art in your business, can do the same for you - choose from a number of choice pieces including Marsha Tudor's creations.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

All Wall Graphics Creates Prints for Show

WOW Main Image

Fine Art and Fine Dining

Our client, Marsha Tudor, is an accomplished artist who needed her artwork to be imaged onto canvas and stretched for her reception and display at Il Barone Ristorante. Il Barone works closely with TKOart to display fresh art every three months to enhance the environment to their customers. TKOart asked Michele Preston of to provide a series of canvas pieces ranging in size from 24″×24″ to 48″×48″. took the files we received from the artist and printed sample images for approval.  Then, each canvas print was laminated and put onto stretcher bars ready for installation at the restaurant.

Marsha’s artwork will be available for sale from the restaurant for three months and can be purchased after from

The fine art canvas pieces were installed on February 20th meeting a very tight deadline.  We encourage you to go and check out the fine food and gorgeous display of artwork at Il Barone Ristorante located at 4251 Martingale Way, Newport Beach, Ca.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

6 Keys to Becoming a Professional Artist

The 6 Basics You Need to Become Professional
written by Tien Frogget

So You Want to Be a Professional Artist…
You have a passion for creating beautiful things. You spend your spare time learning, growing your skills, and honing your talent. You’ve shown your work to friends and family members and they love it. You’re thinking it would be great to start making money off of your wonderful creations.

But How?
Making the transition from creating art as a hobby to becoming a professional artist can be daunting. Especially when there are so many other talented artists out there desiring and attempting to do the same thing. But breaking into the industry is definitely possible if you are passionate and driven, and willing to do what it takes to get your work out there.

Here are some simple things 
that you can do to help you 
get started on your path:

1 - Be Yourself
This may seem obvious, but not everyone realizes just how important it is to create art that's authentic to who you are.

People may buy your art because they like it, but in a way, they are also buying you.  Not you physically - but who you are as you've expressed yourself through your work. The most successful artists have found a voice that's uniquely their own, that stands out in the crowd. They aren't creating for the sake of creating, but saying something with their art... and doing it in such a way that causes people to stop and listen.

Collectors prize works of art that touch their soul. They enjoy surrounding themselves with art that creates emotion.

Find what sets you apart from others and feed your passion and create works that are genuinely you. This is the essence of what makes your work valuable to others and brings them back for more.

2 - Create Exposure for Yourself and Your Work
You could be the next Van Gogh or Rembrandt, but if no one knows your art exists, you will never sell anything!

There are so many ways to get your work seen, especially in this digital day and age. Here are 4 more great ways you can give your art more exposure:

3 - Create a Website - Web presence is a powerful tool. You go from your circle of friends and family to being able to show your art to people all over the planet. Hire someone to create a site for you, or search for free sites with templates that allow you to simply plug in your images and information. The site will do the work for you.
    4 - Create a Blog - Blogs are WONDERFUL! There are many free sites offering blog hosting that are simple and easy to set up. Write an interesting and informative blog post every week and you'll increase your odds of being seen.  Blogs are a great way to showcase all your newest work, your processes for creating, as well as what moves you as an artist.  They are an excellent avenue for others to connect and learn  more about you.
      5 - Create Business Cards - This is a must! This is your opportunity to hand out small samples of your best work and make a lasting visual impression. An eye-catching card not only attracts attention but it's an easy way to show others what you do without having to whip out a full portfolio.  A business card can create interest and invite them to see more.  Tip: Make sure that at least one side of the card is a full-color piece best work.  Another fun option is to print multiple card designs, each with a different selection of artwork.  Then when someone asks for your card, fan out all of the different kinds and say, “pick just one!” Let them have only one - they will fly to your website for more.
        6 - Meet People and Make Connections - Simple? Yes. Effective? Definitely. The best way to make connections in the art and design industry is to put yourself out there. Go to galleries and art shows and talk to people. Ask lots of questions! Find out what the artists are doing to promote their work, and how they got started. Getting to know people who are already doing what you want to do is a powerful way to get good information and maybe even get a foot in the door.

          Tuesday, April 19, 2011

          New Products for Art on the Horizon!

          Green and Blue ©Rocardo Vela
          Big New Opportunity for OCDesignerSource!
          OCDesignerSource had a large interior design company see us at Steffaninos. They call us to inquire about a publishing deal to use our artist's images for their products.

          Stay tuned to find out who!

          Sunday, April 10, 2011

          Designers vs Decorators - What's the Diff?

          When hearing the terms Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator, do you ask yourself, "What is the difference?" 
          You need to know that there is a major difference, and making the mistake of hiring the wrong one can cost you a lot of headache, discomfort and money.

          First, to practice as they do, an interior designer must hold a bachelor degree.

          An interior decorator may have taken a few classes or might not have any education at all and has no credentials.

          Do you tell yourself, "Big deal! Anyone can match colors and pick pretty things out."

          Ignored Issues That Can Cost You
          Real interior designers are educated to produce not only a beautiful environment for a project, but they MUST know:

               • Construction
               • Codes
               • Application of Products
               • Ergonomics
               • Handicap Accessibility
               • Safety Issues
               • Title 24
               • and Numerous Other items that need to be considered in able to practice their profession.

          A State License to Practice
          The State of California is so serious about this that they now have a non-profit organization that licenses designers (called CID). This will be mandatory in 2012, for a designer to work with the Title of Interior Designer.

          Hire an interior decorator if you are only concerned with the colors and look of a space, but keep in mind that they should COST LESS than an interior designer.

          Making Your Life Easier
          Interior designers can design the remodel of a new commercial space or home. They know that the final consent of an architect is mandatory and using the right contractor with ethical practices is the correct way to complete a project. The key here is interior designers know how to work with these two entities using professional knowledge and application.

          Win-Win with the Perfect Finish
          Interior Designers are the perfect solution for architects who want very best interiors to compliment their masterpiece. Contractors who frequently make the mistake of not engaging an interior designer provide their clients with poor advice for the perfect living solution.

          Working with an interior designer who knows ergonomics, products, and cares for the client throughout the process, makes for a win-win for everyone involved. When spending as much money as we do on our interiors, a fee to have the perfect finish verses "just okay, or uncomfortable and unworkable", is an excellent investment of value.

          Just an FYI!
          Another major difference that you should be very aware of with the interior designer profession is that they aren't all alike.

          Some interior designers prefer to space plan, some choose to do only window coverings, others readily tackle residential projects, while others are more inclined toward commercial projects, and then there are those who are very good at construction. Each is unique.

          An example would be for a business that has an excellent layout with a most spectacular front that appeals to the audience the establishment wants to attract. . . now THAT is the handiwork of an Interior Designer.

          Make sure you ask for background, expertise and references - especially when building anything - mistakes can be costly.

          Friday, April 1, 2011

          Refurbished Wood for Flooring

          First Place Green Wood Floors...
          ...Discover the Unique Beauty and Value of Enmar. 

          Enmar Hardwood Flooring is coming to California!

          Known for top shelf customer service and the finest wood products, Enmar's distinction is their quality craftsmanship and their stewardship of using refurbished wood from historical structures around the country.
          Tobacco Barn Floors with a custom stain, available now in engineered.
          Tobacco Barn Floors with a custom stain, available now in engineered.

          What separates Enmar from other wood flooring?

          --Harder than the average wood floor

          --Naturally beautiful and custom capable

          --LEED Certified

          Enmar Hardwood Flooring is represented by Michele Preston of OC Designer Source who can provide samples and catalogs for your showroom or library.  

          Have the floors that no one else has.