Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marsha Tudor's Breathtaking Imagery

Scannography Artist

Marsha Tudor pushes the boundaries of her medium with her use of transparency and superb layering to create lush, naturally organic and dramatically breathtaking images using flowers, seedpods, leaves, and the digital technology of a flatbed scanner.

Midnight Gathering
©Marsha Tudor
"Dramatic black backgrounds 
focus attention 
on exquisitely rendered surfaces."

Her technique is referred to as Scanography or Scanner Photography.

Tudor meticulously scans, rearranges and scans again, cleaning the glass each time.

Once satisfied, Tudor begins the slow, meticulous process of fixing flaws, repairing tears or spots and cleaning up dust and specks.

She then spends hours exploring layering, translucency, using inversions and more to create just the right atmospheric feeling.

Transparently ©Marsha Tudor
"Stark white backgrounds 
provide illumination 
for transparency and shadow."

Tudor’s imagery has been referred to as “mysterious, other-worldly and sensual” by her many followers, as I’m sure you’ll agree!

If you haven’t seen Marsha’s work before, then take a few moments to relax and enjoy her breathtaking work by clicking HERE.